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My twenty years of experience working as an auditor and consultant began in a national accounting firm and continued in my own accounting firm, Egghart and Associates in Nevada. My dream for creating a technology-based firm to connect people and business processes with technology, was initiated as I watched frustration in work places due to the lack of software designed for Tribal Casinos and their enterprises. I successfully made my shift in 2011 using talents from the U.S and Korea to start Kodee Software. As Kodee Software expands, we adapt to the swift changes in technology, but one thing that remains the same is our unwavering conviction to make a software that will consistently help better the lives of our clients.

Everyone has a dream to work in a place using their talent and unlocking their true potential. At Kodee, our vision is to transform work environments to be more meaningful and creative, using technology effectively to expedite business processes.

I invite you, to join Kodee’s passionate journey in combining nonnegotiable core beliefs and the willing embrace of changes.

Many moments of my life led me to where I am today with Kodee Software , and with my blog I have an open space to share these moments with you, please visit to know more about where it all began.



MBA from the University of Utah

CPA in California and Nevada

Obtained Certificate for Soc – Cyber security Certificate

Member of AICPA