Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have asked me about our software, so I have summarized a few of the more common questions:

Why did you start up a software company? We thought you were a CPA?

When I was working as a CPA and auditor for my Indian Gaming and Tribal clients, I was frustrated with the complexity and difficulty of using the software available. There didn’t seem to be a solution out there that would provide what I needed for compliance, analysis, data mining, and predictability specifically designed for Indian Gaming and Tribes. I started Egghart Consulting last year to address these needs in our industry. Yes, I still work as a CPA providing consulting services as I divide my time between consuling and software development.

What are the principle points?

I was very fortunate to assemble a team of outstanding engineers who design software using the most current technology available, all with the end-user in mind:

  • Simplicity – The software should work for you, not the other way around.
  • Intuitive to Use – If you can shop online, you can use our software.
  • Full Integration – Kodee™, our most innovative technology, was developed by our parent company Newport Systems and allows you to gather data from multiple databases and software sources to seamlessly create your own custom reports that meet your specific needs.
  • Automation – No more manual data input and data manipulation in Excel to get the results you want. Our software can automate these types of manual processes.
  • Keep People in Mind – Change is emotional even if it is for the better, so ensuring a user-friendly implementation and training is key. 

How can we benefit from your software?

  • Spend your valuable time on analysis rather than data input
  • Make decisions more quickly based on speedy data integration from many sources (marketing, slot, accounting, payroll, hotel, etc)
  • Save time and money as a result of efficiencies gained from automation
  • Customized data and reports addressing your specific needs
  • Go paperless

It sounds expensive. Is it?

There is a limited number of Indian Gaming Enterprises. Therefore any software developed specifically for the Indian Gaming Industry is going to be more expensive than general software developed for public consumption. Our price is much more affordable than customized software but more expensive than general software developed for the mass market such as QuickBooks.  Our reasonable pricing is possible due to two factors: 1) we understand this industry in depth and 2) we have developed our own proprietary technology platform (Kodee™) which makes our software development cycle very efficient. We estimate that a customer’s return on investment on our product is 160% in the first year.