Total solution provider exclusively for Indian Tribes & Casinos by aligning the business process, technology, and people

Businesses around us are facing extraordinary challenges. Whether it's turmoil in financial markets, increased competitions, or rapidly changing technology. Businesses need a trusted advisor, someone who can help them identify and manage both the opportunities as well as the risks inherent in succeeding in this competitive market.

The experienced professionals at Egghart Consulting provide solutions in areas of finance, accounting, internal audit, risk and compliance, technology effectiveness, and business process re-engineering. Our professionals have powerful insights for the large tribal governments and their casinos. However, we are more nimble and adept than these competitors in delivering value for our clients to small tribes as well.

We help our clients seize new opportunities for growth and profitability while protecting them from their risks and complying to regulations by reshaping and drastically changing business processes.

Internal Audit Services, Training, and Solutions

We work with leaders of the tribes such as: the Tribal Council, Tribal Gaming Commission, Business Board, Management, and Internal Audit team members at Tribes and Casinos of virtually any size to assist them with their internal audit activities. This can include starting and running the activity for them on a fully outsourced basis or working with an existing internal audit function to supplement their team if they lack adequate staff or skills.

We help organizations transition to a process-based approach for financial control compliance, identifying effective ways to appropriately reduce effort through better risk assessment, scoping, and use of technology, thus lowering the cost of compliance.

Tribal Leadership Advisory Services

In an Indian Tribal environment the Tribal Council, Business Board, and Gaming Commission play a role as an Audit Committee in publicly held companies. These Audit Committees have fiduciary responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of internal audit-related activities.

Tribal leader dedication, independence in thought, professional mind-set, and strong knowledge of the Tribe are critical to the audit committee fiduciary responsibility.

The Tribal Council, Business Board, and Gaming Commission often need to consult independent advisors on matters related to internal audit, business risk management, and organization governance. Egghart Consulting has the experience and expertise to advise tribal leaders on a range of topics including:

  • Structure and effectiveness of internal audit-related activities
  • Risk assessment evaluation
  • Continuing education
  • Accounting & Audit related issues
  • Compliance and risk matters

IT Risk Assessment and Security Assurance 

Egghart consulting provides the best IT professional services by partnering with Alvaka's professional engoneers. NetSecure™ Security Assurance is a suite of Alvaka's information security and regulatory compliance services that were designed by our CISSP and CHPSE certified, field proven, expert consultants and experienced engineers. The NetSecure™ "6" step security process was designed to discover the unique role that critical data plays within your IT environment, and then protect that data from loss or harm. The goal is to find the balance between productivity, security, and compliance. We work with you to design a program that protects your information from loss or theft, within the confines of regulatory compliance, ensures that the information is available.

With the advancement of Information Technology, the ease and speed with which information is shared continues to revolutionize businesses. Yet, along with the countless benefits of this advancement there also comes increased regulation, new threats including data theft, damage, loss, and corporate espionage. Through the NetSecure™ Information Assurance Program, we work with you to protect your information from harm.

The risks to your critical data are constantly changing. Not only must this information be protected from accidental loss through unexpected system failures and malfunctions, but it must also be protected from the malicious threats of hackers, virus writers, and others with ill intent.

To completely secure any network, the data and information it utilized would have to be made inaccessible. This is, clearly, not realistic when that information is the life blood of a company. An effective program must, therefore, be a balance between availability and confidentiality in order to ensure the integrity of that information.

The NetSecure™ information assurance program was designed to help companies find that balance. By analyzing how and what information is shared through your critical infrastructure, security specialists work with you to develop an ongoing strategy. The goal of this ongoing strategy is to balance needed security with required availability.
Your private and priceless data is sacred; we make sure it stays that way.

Step 1. Policy Definition

Information Risk Management and Security Policies serve as the blueprint for managing information technology today and are a necessary part of any Information Assurance Program. They provide a framework for best operational practice, so that your organization is able to minimize risk and respond effectively to any incidents which may occur.

Step 2. Risk Discovery

Alvaka Networks uses an extensive suite of tools, coupled with experience and expertise, to perform an extensive discovery of your internal and external networks, and Information Technology Business Practices. Alvaka Networks will work in conjunction with your staff to identify the risks specific to your business and ensure that the policy and plan in place to deal with accepted risks is truly reflective of your unique environment.

Step 3. Mitigate Risk

Mitigating discovered risks effectively requires a combination of tools, technology, and processes to limit potential information loss. Alvaka's Security Specialists work with you to determine the best course of action in dealing with each discovered risk. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is the best balance of Investment vs. Risk for your unique organization.

Step 4. Monitor & Respond

Protecting your company's Critical Information Assets is an ongoing challenge. Network devices such as servers, applications, and databases must be continuously monitored for signs of malicious activity or malfunction. Security Appliances and Tools must be continually managed and updated to ensure the organization stays protected against the latest malicious threats. Our powerful AlvakaNet tools allow Alvaka to do just that: proactively manage your critical systems in real time.

Step 5. Simulation Testing

Routine testing is the only way to ensure that the system remains protected from the latest security threats. Your organization is a dynamic and changing environment, and so is your IT infrastructure. Risks to your environment can change as your environment changes and as the abilities of hackers, virus writers, and spyware coders evolve over time. The only way to ensure that your critical information remains protected from these threats is by routine and regular controlled Risk Testing that is based on actual security threats. Alvaka can assist you in developing a comprehensive, regularly scheduled testing plan that we can execute as an independent outside source.

Step 6. Manage & Improve

Any well executed business strategy requires ongoing Planning, Assessment, and Management to ensure optimal performance. Your Information Assurance Process is no different. Assessments and Ongoing Testing, Upgrades and Improvements to the Infrastructure, End-user Education and Policy Reviews should all be part of a yearly plan. Alvaka will work with you to design a yearly plan that reflects the demands of your organization based upon a mutual roadmap. And Alvaka will be there to guide you through that roadmap, every step of the way.


Internal Audit Technology

Egghart Consulting provides Tribes with all of the technical and expert resources they require on-demand, without the need to hire full-time staff.

"Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes." Institute of Internal Auditors (2009)

No internal audit department is able to have all of the technical and expert resources it requires on hand, at all times. Therefore, attempting to have full-time staff available to meet every internal audit need is not a practical approach. Egghart Consulting has in-depth experience of industry, technology, and knowledge which enables us to serve as a highly qualified asset for your business. Whether you need to address a shortage of traditional internal audit staff or require specialized internal audit professionals, we can deliver.

Our internal audit methodology is used completely or in conjunction with a client's existing methodology as the framework to build, execute, and track a risk-based internal audit plan. This plan assists the client with managing processes and technology risks, efficiently integrating technology within critical business processes. These services can help management better understand and monitor the performance of core operations and support functions, as well as ensure the proper level of control.

Our internal audit services provide the following benefits:

  • Assurance to external parties and compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • A completely independent process and information technology (IT) internal audit
  • Deep technical and analytical skills related to core processes and related control assessments
  • Management's ability to focus on more strategic initiatives, improving resource utilization

Internal Audit Quality Assessment Reviews

Egghart Consulting helps Tribes to implement an internal audit function.

In today's business environment, organizations are faced with a multitude of decisions and challenges, including regulatory-mandated compliance requirements such as: the NIGC MICS, FinCen, IRS, State, and Tribal Ordinances. These hurdles can be more challenging for Tribes that have not yet established an internal audit function. We can help you plan, formulate, and develop internal audit functions for the first time and on an ongoing basis. In addition, we can perform Quality Assurance Reviews on your internal audit functions.

Business Process Improvement

Suddenly, business is not easy anymore. In the beginning, knowledge, technique, and experience were not needed; only energy, gumption, and attitude were. Increased competition inevitably put customers in the driver's seat.

As the business climate changed, it became more difficult to predict the future. Our businesses' success, whether it is a tribal government or a casino, depends on more valuable services to our customers at a more efficient business process.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

We provide your organization with comprehensive analysis on where you are and where you want to be. We deliver a total solution by aligning the process, technology, and people who are going to bring sustainable change. At Egghart Consulting, we provide business process innovation to maximize the organization's objectives: its effectiveness, efficiency, compliance, and financial reporting; utilizing the most current technology specifically for Indian Tribes, Tribal Gaming Commissions and their agencies, as well as Casinos and Tribally owned enterprises.

We achieve all this by providing business process consulting, applying the right technology, integrating existing technologies, and implementing outsourced monitoring services.

Review of Internal Control Process Design

The proper governance of Tribes and casinos requires clear and transparent policies and procedures to promote the integrity of business and to prevent potential fraud. Egghart Consulting uses Governance, Risk, and Compliance platforms to build a unique architecture founded on a process-based approach. Unlike other process modeling tools, Egghart Consulting does not force the documentation of all processes in great detail; rather, it uses a top-down risk-based approach. This process-based approach enables clients to integrate all risk management and compliance efforts into one integrated approach. This enables the enterprise to test the effectiveness of measures and controls once and then report many times to the different auditors and external regulators.

Internal Control System Design

As an organization grows in size and diversity, the system of internal controls that once worked well, will not work as efficiently anymore. A system that depended upon particular employees is obsolete and leaves room for potential mismanagement of assets. It's ineffective to have employees solely dedicated to constantly updating your internal control system documents. We can assist you.

Regulatory Compliance Process

  • Title 31 compliance
  • IRS compliance
  • NIGC MICS Compliance
  • State Compact Compliance
  • Employee Licensing Compliance
  • Vendor Licensing Compliance
  • State Compact Compliance

In-House Training

Egghart Consulting also provides seminars and workshops for in-house purposes. To request a quote, contact

Tribal Leadership Training 

This workshop is ideal for Elected or appointed leaders of the Tribe, Gaming Commissioners, and executive management team. The workshop includes

Overview of Tribal Gaming - Get up to speed on the state of tribal gaming, what boards and gaming operations are doing to position themselves for the future; Net income optimization; Technology Updates for non-technology people; Review of the regulatory environment and the issues affecting the management. We will provide participants with examples of hi-performing regulatory functions and their positive contributions to tribal gaming operations. 

Tribal Board Governance over Gaming Operations -This section will focus on tribal board governance and the importance of an overall strategic plan, how to execute that plan, and how to monitor management achieving their objectives. Best practices as well as examples of strategic dashboards will be shared. 

Best Practices for internal controls and monitoring, We’ll then discuss best practices and a look into how your gaming counterparts are positioning themselves in today’s competitive market. • Identifying Fraud and Prevention - Learn about the various fraudulent practices impacting the industry and necessary controls and review processes that should be in place to help mitigate the risk of fraud taking place at your properties.

Title 31 Compliance: Protecting Casinos' Biggest Asset - Best Practice

With a FinCen fine of $250,000 on a tribally owned casino recently, Title 31 compliance training workshops need to be focused on how to prepare for an audit. This extensive workshop is designed to assist your casino in evaluating its readiness for internal/external audits from auditors and regulators. This session will include the Title 31 audit programs and checklists compiled and developed by EJ Egghart who has been working as a Title 31 trainer and auditor for the last 15 years in the Casino industry. This workshop is brought to you by Egghart Consulting and a generous contribution from Muckleshoot Casino.

2011 AICPA Gaming Guide for Indian Casinos

This workshop is designed to provide a detailed and thorough review of the 2011 AICPA Gaming Accounting and Audit Guide. This advanced course will cover every controversial topics raised by the Indian Gaming Industry in the last decade. This new guide covers these specific issues for tribally owned casinos. This workshop is lead by the powerful combination of two speakers in the industry; EJ Egghart, MBA, CPA , Egghart Consulting and Bruce Bleakman, CPA from REDW. Bruce is a member of the AICPA's Gaming task force which completed the AICPA's Gaming Audit and Accounting Guide. Bruce was also the project manager on NAFOA's publication of an accounting and financial reporting guide.

Class III Machines for Indian Casinos: Audits, Accounting & Analysis

This two-day workshop covers all you will ever need to know about Class III gaming machines. As a major revenue source in gaming today, it is critical to understand Class III gaming operation, compliance, and related internal control processes. Under the current environment, rapidly changing technology and lack of updated Class III NIGC MICS, analysis and auditing (revenue audit, internal and external audits) are more critical than ever to ensure long-term profitability and growth of Indian Casinos. This advanced course develops analytical and data interpretation skills and examines calculations and reports associated with slot machine performance and placement. The most up-dated and current topics (i.e. internal controls over mobile gaming, responsibility of MICS Class III machine update, CGCC 8, Change in accounting treatment over gaming machine revenues, and free play) will be examined and discussed in this two-day workshop.

Comprehensive Internal Audit Workshop for Indian Casinos: Challenges, Opportunities, and Emerging Issues

This three(3) day workshop is designed to assist internal auditors, compliance auditors and other professionals in Indian Casinos, Indian Gaming Commissions and Tribes in developing more effective audit strategies based on risk assessment. In the current environment with the economic downturn and steeper competition, internal auditors face challenges performing more efficient audits. Our instructors who have extensive knowledge and experience in Indian Gaming (as internal auditors, external auditors, and slot directors) will share their expertise with you.

Financial Analysis for Non-financial People in Indian Gaming (Basic)

This workshop will provide an overview of various financial and accounting related subjects within the Indian Gaming Industry. This work is designed to provide an easy to understand and common sense based approach to complex financial statements. Financial ratios and analysis commonly used in the Indian Gaming Industry will be examined. These financial ratios and analysis are useful to investigate the performance of vendors for licensing and for fraud investigation.

Gaming Machines Audits & Analysis for Washington Casinos

 This two day workshop covers the entire process of gaming machines' audits and analysis emphasizing Indian Casinos in the Washington State. We will thoroughly examine, with ample hands-on-exercises, the fundamental concepts of Washington gaming machines: audits, analysis, and monitoring compliance with the NIGC and the State Compact.